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Delete SSO Cookie for logoff user

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<b>Problem Statement:</b> I am not able to log off a user from a custom built J2EE application which has FORM based authentication enabled.

<b>System landscape:</b> I have two servers. Server 1 (Portal WAS instance) which hosts the Portal and my custom J2EE application and other server (WAS Instance) hosts the WebDynpro applications. There is SSO established between the two servers.

<b>Detail Problem:</b>

1) I have J2EE application which has FORM based authentication and I have custom built Login page which will login the user to Portal WAS.

2) On successful logon the user is redirected to a WebDynpro application on another server.

3) The WebDynpro application has LOG OFF link.<b>The requirement is to achieve LOG OFF from both the servers.</b>

5) For that when user clicks on log off I use the WebDynpro API WDClientUser.forceLogoffClientUser and log off the user from WD application.

6) Next I call the custom log off Web module on this same Portal WAS with logoff.jsp in which I invalidate the user if I find an active session using following API:-

request.getSession.invalidate(); I have also tried forceLogOffUser and logout APIs but they do not seem to work.

7)If I try accessing the custom login (in the same browser window) it gets automatically authenticated and redirected to WebDynpro application on server 2.

As per my knowledge I just need to delete the SSO (security cookie) set by the portal WAS in my browser. Does anyone know how??

I have to achieve the functionality for Mobile device as well and I have the code for closing the IE window on desktop but that too does not work on mobile.So if anyone knows how to close window in mobile device that would be helpful too.

<b>PS: I am not using Enterprise Portal for login and log off.</b>



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Hi Chintan,

Check out Note: 696294.