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delete open activity + unclear message when I try to revert an activity

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Hi, I'm new to developing on the Netweaver Development Infrastructure.

I checked out some DCs as projects and NDWI created some new files (.tssapinfo) and an activity (i was asked to choose a name).

So now i want do delete this activity. I know that only empty activities can be deleted, so I tried to delete those generated files first. If I right click on a file, the "delete" item is greyed out. I tried the "revert" menu item, but than a pop-up appears with the following message:

"This action will result in the loss of all changes of non-local files. Proceed with revert of selected resources?".

What does "non-local" files mean? Are some files deleted in the DTR? I thought it would just delete the local files.

Thanks in advance


Version of the NetWeaver Developer Studio: 2.0.9

Edited by: Horn.J on Jul 8, 2010 1:00 PM

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Horn.J

You can delete the your activity from Open Activity view.

Once you revert the activity then Delete option will appears.

Ignore the message when you are reverting the activity. please refer to Pascal Willemsen at

Hope it will helps



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Hi Arun,

I reverted the activity and then I could delete it. Without that misleading message, I would have done this before.

Thanks for your help.

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