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Delete duplicate records while using Combine Data feature in SAC model

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Hello, it would be good to know if there is a feature to delete 'Duplicated Matched Rows' in SAC model while using the 'Combine Data' feature in a SAC model

Here are the details :

1. have a model A and model B , with 10 records each in SAP Analytics for Cloud (SAC) product

2. open model A in 'Rebuild model' mode and choose 'Combine Data' option to select model B

3. in the ' Combine data' dialogue box, matching key columns are selected from both data sources (model A and B)

4. in the 'Combine Preview' right hand side panel , 'Accepted Rows' and 'Duplicated Matched Rows' are shown.

5. looks like join cardinality used by 'Combine Data' feature is One-to-Many (1,N) , causing the resultant set of combined data to exceed beyond 10 rows

5. tested this with both options : "all primary data" and "intersecting primary data only" but there is still (1,N) join

Looking for an option to either enable (1,1) join while using 'Combine Data' feature OR have the ability to identify 'Duplicated Matched Rows' in resultant model and delete them. Appreciate your perspective !

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Hi, You got any solution for this? Thanks

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Hi sridhar.v6

Unfortunately there is no option to identify the "Duplicated Matched Row" in the Combine Data . This will need be to done once the data is loaded into the model and perhaps run a DATA Action to zero them out.