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Delete a row from table

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Hi @all

I'm really new to SAP HANA and SAPUI5 and I'm trying to do some first projects. Currently got a person list working. (See tutorial: Now I want to add some features to that application without any tutorial but I'm actually not really moving forward...

What I want: Select ONE row and delete it after confirmation.

How do I start with this when I have no idea how to do it? I googled a little bit but didn't find anything useful.

What I tried so far: I added a function in the controller named "removePerson". But how do I state a delete action?

I am pretty good with SQL, is there an option to just do this with SQL, so that I can just call an SQL-Script?

And how do I start a dialog / action when I select a row?

I have already read a little bit into the dialog function, so I know how to fill a dialog with content and how to show it.

Anyone willign to help me with this beginner problems?

Attached you can find a couple screenshots of whats actually there...

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Answers (1)

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new sap.ui.commons.Button("deletebuttonId", {

                              icon : "sap-icon://delete",

                              style: sap.ui.commons.ButtonStyle.Reject,

                              lite : true,


                              press : function(){

                              var idx = oTable.getSelectedIndex(); //oTable is ur table name

                                 if (idx !== -1) {

                                 var m = oTable.getModel();

                                 var data = m.getData();

                                 var removed = data.splice(idx, 1);






give your table name in place of oTable .