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Define system lists in STMS_TRACK

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I want to use the tx STMS_TRACK. but it say "No system lists defined" and "System list  not defined".

I need this to find out which transport has been applied by which Basis person.

I have see this here

I dont know why I should put in System List.

I have put DCC DCD DCF french name for your transport track DVS QAS PRS

But nothing work.

help me

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Hello Guillaume,

I dont know why I should put in System List.

Because you are interested in a certain group of systems, so you need to define.

Following the steps mentioned in Creating a System List - Transport Management System (BC-CTS-TMS) - SAP Library


Choose new created system in TMS System Lists, and then double click the sub-structure System/Client and create new entry.

Then execute TX STMS_TRACK, you can select your system now .


Ning Tong