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define internal table as attribute in model

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Hi everybody,

I have to read out some data from a database and store it into an internal table.

The internal table is filled from the do_request method of a controller.

After this the internal table shall be passed to a view.

Now my problem is that I don't know how to define an internal table as an attribute

in the model class.

Can you help me?

Best regards


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Hi Alberto,

One thing that you can do is declare an attribute as


and then in the class declare an internal table say <b>gt_tab</b>, exactly of the same type as in the controller.....

Then just pass the table from the controller to I_TABLE, and the do

gt_tab = I_TABLE.

But you will have to use the exact same type, else it will give error stating that <b>Two internal tables are neither compatible nor convertible.</b>

Another way to do this is declare a structure and table type in the data dictionary and then use that table type in attributes......

Hope this helps.

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Now I tried this in the model class.

I have declared the internal table as an attribute and the line for teh internal table

as a type. But I get an error when I test the program.

Here is the code from the model class:

class ZCL_MODEL_DATA definition


inheriting from CL_BSP_MODEL


create public .

" public components of class ZCL_MODEL_DATA

" do not include other source files here!!!

public section.


BEGIN OF line_spfli,

links type string,

carrid TYPE spfli-carrid,

END OF line_spfli..


ITAB type TABLE of line_spfli .

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Hi Alberto,

In the attributes of the MODEL create a reference table like..

itab type SPFLI_TAB.

This should resolve your problem.