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default values when calling app or object page

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Hi experts! 

I have two apps.

In the first app, a user can create and maintain a Product data consisting of a header and n articles. The user can also create production runs which will be used in the second app to create the Product. 


As the second app focuses on one production run for one product, I created a new OData Model where I have a 1:1 relationship between header and production run. 


Both the header and child have an element "Storage Location". The requirement is now to preset the storage location (header and item) in the second app, depending on the selected Production run. 

Question is now, how can I preset/determine the storage location? As I don't want to display the Storage Location in the List View, the storage location must be determined at the latest when the object page is called.

 Does anyone know, how can I achieve this?

Thanks and Regards, Sebastian

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@Andre_Fischer : Do you know, if it is possible, to manipulate/enrich the data before displaying the object page? 

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