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Default values In Cost Center MDG-F

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Hi experts,

I Have a requirement to make some fields default in MDG-F I tried to implement the USMD_RULE_SERVICE and USMD_RULE_SERVICE_CROSS_ET both the BADI's dint trigger when Create Cost Center page gets open. These BADI' gets called when we fill some data like Controlling Area, Cost center name, Cost Center Category, Description.

I tried BRF+ aswell but this also not working. Our requirement is when the page is opened we to fill some data by default.

Kindly help on this.

Best Regards


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HI Sajid,

once key field CO and Cost center no is filled your rest of derivation will work, without that it wont.



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Thanks for your Reply.

I checked you are correct in this case what should I do for filling the default Values. kindly give a suggestion.