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Default Seeburger message splitter configuration

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We have a scenario in which we need to be able to ignore EDI messages from partners prior to receiving official confirmation and then setting up the partner in the Seeburger message splitter.  If we receive files from partners before we complete the message splitter configuration, the sender channel keeps trying to process the same file and continually fails during the split, essentially blocking the channel from processing the files we need to process.  We are using the SAP file adapter for this scenario. 

I've read the "Default Configuration" section message splitter guide and tried setting up "DEFAULT" splitter configuration.  I did so by copying the splitter configuration for a valid partner and then simply changing the name, the sender name, and the mapping name to "DEFAULT" and left the rest the same.  I did so for both accepted and partly accepted.  The sender channel still complains:

     "Error: Error in Adapter call failed. -module:MessageSplitter failed. MESSAGESPLITTER:No configuration found for the source file ..."

What is the proper default configuration?  It seems that my intention for the default configuration is exactly what it is meant for.  Is my understanding incorrect?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Before creating a "Default" splitter configuration, create the configuration in the integration directory for a separate message interface that will process the messages that will be captured by the default splitter configuration.  Then when configuring the default message-splitter configuration, reference this new configuration.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Check suggestions posted in the thread:




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I understand how to configure the splitter correctly when the partner is identified.  The issue is when we receive messages from partners that we are not expecting and we have not yet configured the splitter for them.  I am looking for information specifically related to the "DEFAULT" splitter configuration.  In sectino 3.1.5 of the splitter configuration guide it says the following:

"Every time the check with a given Sender, Mapping-name, and State combination runs into an error,

the splitter tries to put the message into a default channel. The message is also put in a default

channel, when the check runs to success, but the corresponding communication channel does not


Therefore a default channel and a splitter entry must be created:"

The section contains very little information.  I believe I followed the instructions correctly but I am still seeing the same message where it is complaining that the specific <sender>|<map>|ACCEPTED|1 configuration is missing. 

In the scenario I am trying to account for I will never know who the sender is.  I am looking for some more details as to the DEFAULT configuration.  Possibly a real example.  The limited information I find is anecdotal.  I need to hear from somebody who has used this feature and can tell me what I am missing.


Kurt Jensen