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Default query for POWL

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Hello POWL experts!

I have created a couple of predefined POWL queries in transaction POWL_QUERY,

but I cannot find the way to set the default query which is executed automatically at my POWL application startup.

Does anyone know, how could I set it?

( Currently, the first query in the alphabetical order is executed by default. )

Another question:

When the application is started, the Quick Criteria Maintenance on POWL should be shown by default.

Is it possible to set it somehow?



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Eventually, the question has been clarified.

It is possible to achieve this via WD component configuration.

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Can you please explain how you solved this issue? I want to know how to set the default query in POWL. Thanks.

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Hi John,

1. Start transaction SE80 and create WD Application for your POWL WD Component, if you have not yet created

(right click on WD Component -> Create -> Web Dynpro Application)

2. Right click on newly created WD Application -> Create/Change configuration

3. Web Dynpro Configuration Editor will start up

(please note that we could have diferrent versions of WD configuration editor, so its layout could be different)

4. Choose a name for your configuration.

Fill in the 'Configuration ID' field with e.g. {WD Application name}_APP_CONF and click on 'Create'

Now you have an Application configuration for your WD Application

5. Create Component configuration within Application Configuration.

At this point I see a table in my configuration editor which contains the sub-components of the POWL component.

Select CMP_POWL sub-component row. 'Configuration' field needs to be filled in here. e.g. {WD Application name}_COMP_CONF

Click on 'Go to component configuration'.

6. Click on 'Create'.

7. Select the node 'confData' on 'Explicit Configuration' tab

8. You have the following configuration possibilities:


Query ID




... etc.

Fill in 'Query ID' field with the desired default query Id.

9. Optional: you can create 'typeSpecific' nodes for POWL type specific configurations

Right click on 'confData' node -> Create -> typeSpecific

10. Save your configuration

11. When you get back to the SE80 and click the refresh button above the object tree, your configurations will appear

12. You can test the configuration by right click and 'Test'