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Default PSA area tableapce PSAPSR3?

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In a fresh install NW04s BI7 system, is the PSA tables table space by default PSAPSR3? I am asking because we may have a PSA maintenance issue and wanted to check growth for abnormalities.


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Not sure the new tablespace layout contains the following tablespaces:

SYSTEM (tablespace for the Oracle dictionary)

SYSAUX (additional tablespace as of Oracle database 10g)

PSAPTEMP (default tablespace for database sort operations)

PSAPUNDO/PSAPROLL (default tablespace for segment undo/rollback)

PSAP<SCHEMA_ID> (default tablespace for all SAP objects of the ABAP stack)

PSAP<SCHEMA_ID>DB (default tablespace for all SAP objects of the Java stack)

PSAP<SCHEMA_ID>USR (default tablespace for all customer objects)

PSAP<SCHEMA_ID><REL> (default tablespace for release-dependent data)

PSAP<SCHEMA_ID<NAME> (Additional tablespace for example, for large tables)

PSAPSR3 - (standard tablespace for ABAP stack SAP objects)

Check the OSS for better explaination

Note 355771 - Oracle: Explanation of the new tablespace layout

Hope it Helps