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Decreased min free swap space

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Hello everyone,

due to technical problems, in 07/Dic/2005 we had to replace a disk in one of our cluster server of SAP R/3 Enterprise. We also increased its level security from RAID 0 to RAID 5.

But today we have detected than since that moment, the min free swap space has decreased considerably, from 12800 KB (approx.) to 1100 KB (approx) !! (with ST06 transaction). The replaced disk has the SAME characteristics of the previous one

How can we solve this situation and return to original swap space values? Which is the optimal configuration of swap space in SAP and Windows 2003 Server?? We have two nodes in a cluster (one with the application server and one with the database), and each one has 4Gb of memory.

Current commit charge values of Windows 2003 Server task Manager are:

Commit charge (K):

Limit: 7931568

Peak: 7925732

This is the SAP answer to the note I opened:

"Please ask your hardware partner about this. At the moment I do not know anything about the symptom on other customer systems. My opinion is that the workload has been changed, thus increased peak values. Please look at the installation guide "

Can yoy help me?

Thanks in advance,

Óscar Sánchez

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Hi Oscar!

Maybe the page file was dammaged due to the disk change. Did You check the page file in the Operating system properties? (my computer->properties->advanced...)



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Hi Javier,

the replaced disk is not related to the swap file. The swap space (4 Gb) is configured in C: of the server 2, but the replaced disk is X: and owns to server 1. Both servers are working together in a MS Cluster. The swap space problem is in server 2, in which SAP is running (the database is running on server 1)

Thanks in advance,

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Hi Oskar,

My suggestion:

Activate NT performance monitor and try to identify

the time when you have peak usage of swap and application that caused it. To my knowledge, even 12800 KB free swap is not acceptable amount (at least, there should be couple of hundreds megabites available). Check your process monitor to see what applications take much memory. If you replaced your disk on the C: drive of the other MSCS node, I don't see any ways that this replacement could affect to the other node swap size. (I am assuming that C: drive is not sharing through the nodes)