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Decimals getting rounded loading from flatfile

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I need some help while loading the data from flat file to BW system. when I load the data to PSA the key figures are getting rounded off while loading to PSA.

for example in the flat file if the value is 3789.567 and the same value after loading to PSA it is showing as 3790.

                                         if the value is 7823.214 and the same value after loading to PSA it is showing as 7823.

Not sure if I had missed any settings on the datasource.  I have mentioned decimal places as 2 in the fileds tab of the dataosource.

Field                   datatype       Length     Decimal    ExternalLength                     Format    Curr/Unit

Avg price         CURR               10             2               23                                       External    CURRENCY

Final Price      CURR                10             2               23                                       External     CURRENCY

Currency          CUKY               5             0                5                     RSCUK           External

Could anyone please help me where I am doing wrong or do I need to make any changes. I am stuck here.

Thanks... Surely will give the points....

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are you certain the rounding is happening to all of your data/records?  (i assume you were testing on data set with different currencies)

what is the currency key value for your records in the example given above that encounters this behaviour?