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decimal notation

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I have problems with decimal format in Xcelsius 2008. Language Dutch for Excel and Xcelsius and PC. This should give notation: 1.000.000,00 or 80,00% etc. There are problems in the Xcelsius property setting. Limits dont accpet the komma. In the Display you sometimes get strange figures: 8.0000% or 008% etc.

I have the 3 updates.

Is there a solution?

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Answers (4)

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I have the same issue.

To tackle this problem I changed my regional options.

Start --> Settings --> Control Panel --> Regional and Language Options

I changed both standards & formats and Location to English (United States) - instead of Dutch

In this way, the decimal place is no longer indicated by a comma but by a point, but at least the formatting is applied correctly.



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Hi all,

Using the 'Input Text' element, it's not possible to type 2,5 no matter what settings in Excel, Windows or Xcelsius we use. Is there some way to make Xcelsius consistent in using periods and commas?

BR, Thijs

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Hi Amit,

Thank you for the reply. My country settings (windows) is also set to Dutch.

If I place a slider or another one value selector I have the problem with defining the limits with percentages in the properties panel. I cannot enter 0,5. I can enter 0.5

If I add a diagram I have problems with formatting the axis in percentages. I get strange looking results (example: 6 decimals: 0.000.100%)

It works ok with numeric or currency. However sometimes with numeric and currency I need to reconnect the cells from within the properties after some things have been changed. But than it works.



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Could you elaborate more on the issue?

With which component you are seeing this behavior or is it happening with any components?

Have you made the regional setting of the Operating System to be Dutch as well?