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Decimal Conversion Error. PowerBuilder supports only 18 digits

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I have been struggling with this error for a while now,

I have a window with multiple DataWindows in a tab object.

whenever I look up any value I get the attached error. When I click ok I get the other attached system error

The system error refers to this:

This.il_sqldbcode = sqldbcode

This.is_sqlerrtext = this.of_ParseSqlErrText(sqlerrtext)

Choose Case buffer

  Case Delete!

  ls_ApprovalType = This.Object.approval_type.Delete.Original [row]

  Case Filter!

  ls_ApprovalType = This.Object.approval_type.Filter.Original [row]

  Case Primary!

  ls_ApprovalType = This.Object.approval_type.Primary.Original [row]  // LINE 14

End Choose

I had a look at the dw_otherdetail and all decimal fields are either type decimal(0) or decimal(2) I looked directly at the database tables and there are no values with a lot of decimal places. plus it happens for all of my searches.

I also tried to use the debugger but everything stops when the error is thrown and it wont let me go through and analyse the debug data.

Any help is greatly appreciated. Feel free to let me know if I need to provide more details on anything, not really sure where I should be looking...

I am using powerbuilder 12.5 Classic Database is an ORA ORACLE connection.

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Answers (2)

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Hi, JA

Did you try the following?

Run this exact sql in the DB painter. See if it runs.

If it runs, then you need to test all DW's with it. My money is on a corrupted script of the DW, it tries to insert a non-decimal (f.e., datetime) value into a decimal field.

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Hi JA:

I'll take a look and let you know what I find.