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Debugging user exit

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Dear Experts,

I found that the User Exit code for Transaction data coming from R/3 to BW is not working properly. I have to debug it. How do I debug it? Can somebody refer me to any documentation or tell me the method used to debug user exits? I know how to debug Update and Transfer rules.. but not user exits?

Thank you.

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Answers (2)

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The best way to debug the user exit in R3 would be to put a break message in your code in the exit, example

Break username.

Then go to RSA3, run execute the extraction witht he Debug check box checked.

Once you have found the problem.

Make sure to remove the line break..

Hope that helps.

Hubert Wallace

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For update and transfer rules:

1) Load data till PSA.

2) Go to monitor and select details tab.

3) Open Processing node and on a data packet node right click and select simulate update.

4) On the next screen select the data provider and mark the update debugging in update rules and/or debugging in transfer rules

5) On the lower part select all records or selective records.

6) In the update rules, the program will first stop at a point where the different debugging points can be turned on or off. Some are on and some are off. Change them according to your requirements.

Debug User Exit: Assuming you want to debug extraction exit. Put a break point in the code and run in RSA3. If you are trying in production system, then select the enable debugging option in RSA3 and run the extractor.

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Hai Aneesh,

Thanks for the reply. I know the 6 steps. But isn't that for transfer and start routines? My user exit code is in R/3. Does this procedure work for user exit? Do you mean RSA3(extractor checker) in R/3? In BW it says I am not authorized. Can you please elobarate a little?

Thank you very much for your time.

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Yes the extract checker in R/3. If your problem is with an extract from R/3 where the user exit is not filling a new field, then the only way to really validate the code is within R/3.