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Debugging R/3 Extractor 2LIS_11_VAITM - from BW side

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Please let me know a way to debugg the R/3 Extractor 2LIS_11_VAITM - from BW side.

Some times we are getting Orter type as 'TA' and some other time we get it as 'OR'.

In R/3 data base everything is 'TA'.

RSA3 in R/3 side is not helping us . We want to see how the extraction happens ( Language influence) while call is started from BW side

Appreciate you in advance.

Thank you

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Hi Saniya,

I am assuming that you are looking for 0doc_type field.

Look for AUART in MV45AFZZ. There must be some code with a call to 'CONVERSION_EXIT_AUART_OUTPUT'.

Based on what you have stated, my guess is that the function 'CONVERSION_EXIT_AUART_OUTPUT' is being called under some specific circumstances... thus the conversion occurs intermittently.

Btw, BW must always get TA from R/3. It should never get OR.

Best wishes,


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I am not sure if it will work but you can try, put a session breakpoint in the code that runs for the extraction for 2LIS_11_VAITM, now start data load from BW, execution should stop at the breakpoint and you should be able to debug it.



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Hello Gaurav,

As you mentioned to put a session break-point and execute the Info-package. This would not stop at as the processing is done in the background.

The only option to debug a extractor is to manually put a braek-point statement in the code. the best way of doing this is to debug the extractor in RSA3 and check the values getting populated. Check the tables in R/3 what values are stored and getting populated. Check for the enhancements done done on the datasource.



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Run the datasource in RSA3 with debug mode.

before you extract the data, check the records in RSA7 whether you have TA for all or OR for some.

Check the transfer structure in BI system.