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Debugging Java classes based on IProgramBaseEx

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I developed my own class implementing the IProgramBaseEx interface.

MyOwnClass is being loaded and its run method is executed.

The code throws some runtime errors maybe due to some logical programming errrors:

I can schedule a program object that has been created through the CMC

and view its output as the content of a processes InfoView instance;

from there I am able to see the exceptions thrown.

I would like to enter a debugging session using JPDA under Eclipse 3.4;

the Tomcat process is running with debugging args under VmWare,

and I can attach to the remote process from Eclipse, which is running on my workstation (not whitin the VmWare machine);

[at least I can see all those ORBacus daemon threads from Tomcat for BOEXIR2 SP5].

My problem:

The debuggger process does not suspend on breakpoints

(e.g. right after entering the implemented method).

Maybe this is a class loading problem?

Any hints on how to stop at breakpoints in MyOwnClass are appreciated...

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Program Objects are run by the Program Job Server, and not the Web App Server.

I personally don't know of a way to alter the Job Server child process spawn command-line, to be able to set JVM properties for remote debugging.

I usually old school it, as you do.


Ted Ueda

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Oh yes, I missed that point.

So, if I want to debug my own program objects spawned as separate processes directly, I must not use the CMC java variant, but the executable (binary, script etc.) variant with -Xdebug parameters. In consequence, I will lose the nice handling of parameters.

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