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Debugging in SE80

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I want to start a debugging session for a BSP application, but when I go to BSP Page --> Verify --> Debugging at the menu, the option is grayed out.

Anyone could tell me how to enable debugging? I have gone through all options and also checked authorizations for the user I have logged on at the system and It is apparently properly configured...

Many thanks to everyone,


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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from another thread


You can set or activate HTTP debugging for BSPs in different ways:

  • By setting a breakpoint This graphic is explained in the accompanying text in your BSP application

  • When maintaining the HTTP service tree (Transaction SICF)

Choose Edit ® Debugging ® Activate Debugging.

You can find additional information in Structure linkMonitoring and Troubleshooting Functions.

  • In the development workbench (Transaction SE80).

Choose Utilities ® Settings. On the following dialog box for the user-specific settings, on the tab ABAP Editor choose the embedded tabstrip HTTP Debugging and activate HTTP debugging globally for your user.

In the Web Application Builder of the development workbench, you can also activate or deactivate HTTP debugging:

Choose Utilities ® Breakpoints ® (De)activate for HTTP user.


Ensure that deleting all breakpoints does not automatically deactivate HTTP debuggin


complete thread is here

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Hi Ajay, thanks for the info!

I forgot to search beforehand... Sorry.

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