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Debug Update Task that called by Webdynpro Program

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Can anyone let me know is it possible to debug update task that called by webdynpro program?

I searched around the forum but no luck.


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Debugging of Update Task:

Explanation: the code is called in an update task (CALL FUNCTION ... IN UPDATE TASK) and you did not activate the Update debugging and you didn't set the break-point after the update debugging has been started.

Solution:enter /h and activate Update debugging, run the program. When the update debugging starts, press F9 key and enter the name of the function module to add the break-point. Note: a break-point added before the update debugging starts is ignored.

Refer the following link: []

To Debug function modules in Update Task - you have to enable some settings.

In your debugger window - go to menu Item - Settings and there select Update Debugging and save your settings.

Once all the code is executed your Update Function modules will be called which you can debug now.



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Hi, I am able to debug if the caller is normal report or dialog program.

But it is just now working if the caller is webdynpro program.

Have you ever try debug update task program which the caller is webdynpro program? Let me know.