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Debug the Smart Form

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Hi Friends,

How to Debug the Smart Form.. is similar to Script Debugging??


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Answers (5)

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Hi Vijay,

there are two easy and frequently used ways for debugging the smart form

One Way: Execute your smartform . it will display the related FM and press Display and where you can set the break point and in order to debug it.

Second Way: go to related driver program enter /H on command line it will take you into the debug mode OR set break point manully on the report by pressing the display button and debug it.

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It is not similar to SAPscript debugging.

Debugging of SF can be done in many ways. let me tell you few...

1) Find function module name i.e generate in Smartform and set break-point in function module source code.

2) If you have any program lines in your smart form, set break-point in your program line.

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For smartforms debugging you can do this.

1. Execute the smartform (execute button in SMARTFORMS transaction)

2. Take the generated function module and display it in SE80.

3.Find the smartforms Elements (text elements, windows, code lines, loops) in this and set Soft break points.

Correct name is SMARTFORM_TRACE. You have lots of options for adequate analysis


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Hi vijay,

to Debug SF:

For debugging -

1. Write BREAK POINT in the code window.

2. Put a break point on the call function in the driver program

3. Put a break point in the generated Function module.


1) DEBUG Smartform:

1) One way to debug smartform is to debug the Function Module of that smartforms.

If you want to debug particular smartform node that the solution would be,

insert a "Program Line" just above the node you want to debug and this program line write a normal abap breakpoint.

So whenever you call the smartforms, it will stop at this breakpoint and you can debug onwards.

2) SFTRACE can be used for debugging SMARTFORMS.


Four ways you can debugging..... SFTRACE inplace where we enter T_CODE and press ENTER.

after that press F8.

2 ./H

3 /SH

4.after generating the function module there is a button DEBUGGING

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Refer the links -



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