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Deadline Monitoring

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Hi Workflow Experts and Gurus! (--,)

I have an existing SRM scenario where an e-mail alert is sent to the recipient <b>right after he/she receives the first e-mail</b> (Confirmation e-mail). The client wants the e-mail alert (2nd e-mail) to be sent 30 minutes or more after she receives the 1st mail.

Specifically, when the client receives a message with the subject <b>Please Check Confirmation no. xxxx</b>, she automatically receives a message alert with a subject <b>Period Expired: ProcConfirmationEC No. xxxx</b>.

Where can I configure in Workflow the time schedule for the Alert Message?

I used a workflow template (<b>Task GenAler</b>) and the tasks have No Deadline Monitoring.

Please guide me on what to do.

Thanks in advance. I will reward points for valuable answers.

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Create a method in your Business Object that you re using in Wflow Template that has the code

Wait up to 1800 seconds

The method should be Synchronous and not Dialog.

Use this method with a Task in Wflow Template before sending 2nd mail.

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Thanks for that!

May I know where could I create the method? Will I create it inside the task/step?

I am new with workflow and I was just tasked to edit an existing workflow.

Will this method include an ABAP programming?

Please guide me. (--,)

Thanks Arghadip!

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Create it in the Business Object you are using in the Workflow Template. get the business Object and go to SWO1 and create a Method accordingly. Please note that always use Custom Business object when you are doing custom Workflow Template Design. If you are using Standard then make a Subtype of it and Delegate it and then create Method in custom BO.

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Can I ask if I could use the TABS:

Latest End,

Requested Start, etc?

But if I can't use these tabs, I will instead use the method part. (--,)

Thanks Arghadip!

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In case of your requirment you need to create a step that will be attached with a Task that will be associated with the Method waiting for that much amount of time.

If you want to sue deadline that thing also you can use. But in that it should be associated with workitem that requires User Interaction. If that is the requirement then follow the below stuffs.

Just follow the steps

1)You can use Latest End Tab in a Step which is attached to a task. Use Modelled deadline. Using this another branch is created from the step.

2)Activate the Outcome Processing obsolete for the Step that needs to be sent to the Manager.

3) Now put a process control in the branch that has been created due to modelled deadline. Use "Set Workitem to Obsolete" in the Function and provide the Step number in which the deadline step is incorporated.

4) Now create another step at the branch Processing obsolete of the step that has the deadline and copy the above step with deadline removing the deadline part. This step is only for manager.


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