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Deadline Facility

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I am absolutely new to this DEADLINE feature.

We have a requirement of sending an EMail initmation for every 5 minutes till the WORKITEM is executed. Is this possible?

Can anyone help me out.


Raja Sekhar

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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It is possible, but why do you want to send an email each 5 minutes? I can imagine that the receiver of the email will not read it after he received tons of them...

but anyway, the way to achieve it is to use modeled deadline monitoring, arrange then that the workitem is cancelled, the deadline date is increased with 5 minutes and then loop to execute the same step again.

Use Latest end deadline monitoring for this.



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Hi Peter,

Well I just said roughly 5 mins, in reality it will be 24 hours.

Thanks for your reply. I tried the Latest End Reached tab and it's working as expected. So this should solve my problem.

BTW...We have designed 5 level WORKFLOWS and now the USER is asking for this DEADLINE FACILITY. Is it suggestible to change the TEMPLATE?

I feel...Redesigning the WHOLE TEMPLATE with DEADLINE FEATURE with LOOPS is very troublesome process.

Can you give your idea?


<b>Raja Sekhar</b>

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