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DC Activation problem

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Hi all,

I have created new DC's, and i have successfully build and deploy my application on my local J2EE server.

Then i checked in the DC's and tried to activate them. The activation has failed because my source files contained some ASCI characters that my development server's JDK could not decode.

Because of that, i have made some changes to my code - this has created a new activity - since the previous code was checked in.

I have build and checked in the modified code, and tried to activate it.

The new activation depends on the previous activation, so NWDI tries to activate them both. The first activation failed again, because it tries to activate the old version of the files, and did not use the new version of the files.

The question is - how can i get the first activation to use the last version of the files? since it always gets the old version, it always fails because it can't read the files due to ASCI encoding issues.

Is there a way to do it or will i have to create everything from scratch?

Thanks in advance,


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Answers (2)

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Usually when you activate a corrective activity to solve a previously failed one, both activities are activated at the same time, so you should not get an error again.

Are you sure there are not other errors?

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I am facing similar problem, did you find any solution? If not I will also think of creating new DC from scratch