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DBACOCKPIT --> Error Message no. 1R360 & SQL Statement History is not being retained ...

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when using TCODE "DBACOCKPIT" --> Performance --> History --> SQL Statement History, I am having two issues:

1) Error Message no. 1R360 -- When I try to view an single SQL Statement (screen: SQL Statement with no parameters), then select SSMS tool, I get this error ... Any ideas why my SSMS tool will not launch anymore? I've upgraded my desktop version of this tool, but not sure what/where to fix this issue.

2) SQL Statement History is not being retained -- I've reviewed the "DBACOCKPIT" --> Configuration --> Monitoring Environment --> Monitoring Configuration --> STMTHIST configurations (all correct) ... But it is only retaining a few hours of data -- any ideas?


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Hi, Melanie

For the 1st question, I am not sure which support package level your system is on. There is a note which fixes the SSMS button problem. You could check the following note if it works for your case.

2574491 - DBACOCKPIT SSMS or XML download for a query plan fails

If it doesn't work, please create a incident to SAP support.

For the 2nd question, we have the known issue in note:

2565384 - SQL statement workload history is showing zero

But if it isn't your case, I need to you more detailed information about how long the SQL statements will be retained. Is this issue happening recently or always since past?...

And also, if the cache cannot store so many past data, it is possible that the old statements will not be retained for long time.

Best regards,