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DB2 licensing queries

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I have two sap system (different products)...

SAP PI with db2 v5 standalone (central instance & dbserver on same host) & SAP ECC with db2v10 distributed installation (dbserver on z/os & client on aix)

I am installing db2 license for my PI ... and I can see following files supplied by SAP (db2so.lic, db2ese_c.lic,db2dpf.lic,db2poese.lic,sam22.lic,sam23.lic,sam31.lic,sam32.lic).

1) I have added db2so db2ese_c db2poese and db2dpf files. Can someone please suggest what are the sam* files for ?

2) this is my db2licm -l output... Is there anything I need to do about the DB2 connect server for PI system or ECC system?

Product name:                 "DB2 Enterprise Server Edition"
License type:                 "CPU Option"
Expiry date:                  "Permanent"
Product identifier:           "db2ese"
Version information:          "9.5"
Enforcement policy:           "Soft Stop"


DB2 Database Partitioning:    "Licensed"

DB2 Performance Optimization ESE: "Licensed"

DB2 Storage Optimization:     "Licensed"
DB2 Advanced Access Control:  "Not licensed"
DB2 Geodetic Data Management: "Not licensed"

IBM Homogeneous Replication ESE:  "Not licensed"

Product name:                 "DB2 Connect Server"
License type:                 "Trial"
Expiry date:                  "06/04/2012"
Product identifier:           "db2consv"
Version information:          "9.5"

3) I understand that db2ese_c.lic file allows you to setup the cpu license. How do I find as to how many CPU is my db2 licensed for.


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HI Jay,

Please go through this link it might answer few questions for you.

SAM* files registry files for windows environment.