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DB13-Frequence for Scheduling Job 'Update statistics'

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Currently we sheduled job 'Update statistics' in DB13 for our SAP production system  on every Sunday,

I don't know is it enough ? Do we need run it for everyday ?

Before there is a talble(NAST) accessing speed is very slowly in PRD but very fast in QAS system,

I checked update statistics job is scheduled in QAS on everyday, but I think the result is same as run the job in PRD system on every Sunday.

Now there is another table(VBOX) in PRD system is also accessing very slowly but in QAS system is very fast, is it related with the frequency of job 'Update statistics' ?



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Answers (4)

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if database is large then Recommendation is Once a week .

and yes indeed Update statistics will improve the performance.but again when we speak of performance it is also depend or Hardware and IO operation on server.



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Hi MIchael,

Yes update statistics on frequent run will improve the performance.

No sure you are on which DB if on DB2 there is one parameter

Automatic runstats                  (AUTO_RUNSTATS) = ON

which triggers runstats as soon as table catalog gets updated/modify.

Hope it helps

BR Vaibhav

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updating statistics is a procedure for preparing some information about the database and it increases performance of the database.

It is good to have these statistics actual, but it still doesn't mean you have to run this job all the time one by one. By the way it can take several hours to perform this job. And during the run it can even slow down the system.

So in my opinion, in productive system weekly schedule is enough and choice of weekend for it was decision. And you can think about if it is needed in quality system to run update every day. I think it is not worth it.

Kind regards

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Since 10g SAP recommends to schedule statistics daily. With such frequency the statistic update should be quick. Statistics are only updated for a table if the changes made to that table  are over STATS_CHANGE_THRESHOLD threshold.


106047 - DB21: Customizing the DBSTATC

BRCONNECT determines whether statistics are necessary, taking into account the number of table entries compared to the number of the table entries during the last statistics creation. If the variance exceeds a threshold value (default: stats_change_threshold = 50%), new statistics are created.

588668 - FAQ: Database statistics

12. How should statistics usually be created?

To keep the statistics up-to-date, we recommend that you schedule the following at least once weekly (Oracle 9i or lower) or at least once daily (Oracle 10g or higher):

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Hi Michael,

Read this

We recommend you to schedule this action every week, preferably at a time when the database is not under heavy load. It might take several hours to complete and can significantly load the system

And it comes from :

Update Statistics - SAP Database Guide: Oracle - SAP Library

So, just go through above link and check how you can work on single tables too.

YES, Update statistics improves performance.