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DB Migration (Oracle to MS SQL)

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Could someone please guide me through the process of Database Migration of ECC 6.0 from Oracle to MS Sql.

Thanx in advance.

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Hello Gautam,

There are a simple set of steps you need to follow. More general information can be found at The procedure for performing the migration can be found at -> Media Library

In your particular case I would recommend the Netweaver 7.0 SR 2 procedure - ABAP or ABAP+Java depending on your system.

Fundamentally the process involves using R3LOAD to export all of the data out of the Oracle system and import it into the SQL system. A well optimized migration can achieve export/import rates of 200GB/h.

You need to be <u>certified</u> by SAP to perform such a migration. If you are not you can contact a migration partner. Some of the partners listed here can assist you :

If you have purchased your Oracle license from SAP (combined with your SAP license - its called an "embedded DB license") you can benefit from <b>very</b> significant discounts. SAP and Microsoft have announced a joint migration program that gives customers migrating from Oracle a big discount. More info is here:

<b>Warning</b> : if you approach your local SAP office and ask them about this program (as I have done personally for a company I am involved with) and ask them about this program they may not be aware of it or in my case say that "no such program exists"!

You need to tell them to speak to SAP-AG headquarters to get more info.

The process thus can be explained as follows:

1. Contact your local SAP office and advise them of you decision

2. Select and procure your <u>target</u> platform hardware

3. Either obtain OSDB migration certification or contact a partner

4. Perform a test export on your <u>source</u> Development system

5. Perform a test import on your <u>target</u> Development system

6. Perform a test export on your <u>source</u> Production system

7. Perform a test import on your <u>target</u> Production system

8. SAP will review the import/export procedure during the compulsory OSDB Migration Check (the cost of this can be offset by "exchanging" on of your regular EarlyWatch checks)

9. Perform another export/import incorporating feedback/optimizations from your partner and SAP and/or export/import of your QAS system

10. Perform you final import/export of your production system

Everything should be the same as before except the system will most likely be a whole lot faster.

The only points to watch out for are variants that contain Unix "/" instead of Windows "\", interfaces or other utilities that use FTP (or other "secure" tools embedded in most Unix OS) and finally printers.

If you have any other questions please point them here. There is also a migration forum.