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DB LookUps Step By Step procedure

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Hi Frnds,

Can any one explain the process of DB Look Ups, and why we go for DB Look Ups.

Because i am struggling to understood the concept,

Can any one share some good links,thats very use full to me.



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Refer the blog :


Accessing data from an external database is the objective of DB lookup.

When it is used : -

The data required to be accessed from an external database residing on some other system.

How it is called:

Called from within the XI Mapping Program.



Data LookUp from an external database.

Proposed Solutions:

1) Import the data from the external system perform a value-based-transformation.

2) Execute a call to an external database with the purpose of accessing the desired data.

3) BPM can be used to perform Data Look Ups.

Business scenario

Simple Data lookup.


Inbound Document contains “EN”.


Outbound Document should reflect the value “ENGLISH” as an expansion for “EN”.


The translation data or logic is contained in external database. Mapping program calls it through Data LookUp.

Hope this helps

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How to Perform DBLook-ups from XI Utilizing J2EE JDBC:

XI lookups : When you want some data from R3 or DB into mapping , then you need to use some kind of user exit like Lookup, it will stop the execution process and goto respective database and get the data and back to mapping , this kind of machanism.

We will use DB lookups for any other database like DB,Oracle,SQL, MS Access..etc.

We will use RFC lookup for SAP R3 .

See thebelow links

DB lookup - /people/siva.maranani/blog/2005/08/23/lookup146s-in-xi-made-simpler

SOAP Lookup - /people/bhavesh.kantilal/blog/2006/11/20/webservice-calls-from-a-user-defined-function

Lookup - /people/alessandro.guarneri/blog/2006/03/27/sap-xi-lookup-api-the-killer

Also read thru this to get more idea on lookups -

Lookup’s in XI made simpler - /people/siva.maranani/blog/2005/08/23/lookup146s-in-xi-made-simpler

How to check JDBC SQL Query Syntax and verify the query results inside a User Defined Function of the Lookup API -


Lookups - /people/morten.wittrock/blog/2006/03/30/wrapping-your-mapping-lookup-api-code-in-easy-to-use-java-classes

Lookups - /people/alessandro.guarneri/blog/2006/03/27/sap-xi-lookup-api-the-killer



Lookups with XSLT -


How we have to create the lookups?

Check this weblogs with some screenshots on how to achieve this:








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Dblookup is very usefull. i will explain with an example.. in the sender sider side u have one filed but you need to map another filed which is not in the input structure.. that is filed is stored in a table. then we go for dblookup to pick that perticular value from database corresponds to the field in structure...

that if we have a table in which fields are A,B,C,D.

And in mapping part at sender side u have fields Z,Y,X,A and u need to send the value B to receiver side. then u make use of Lookup and pick the value of B coreesponding to Value A.

u can do it practically by using this blog.. if u get doubt keep posting ..

- /people/siva.maranani/blog/2005/08/23/lookup146s-in-xi-made-simpler