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Date shown wrong in SAP Analytics Cloud based on SAP Datasphere data model

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i have the issue that the date is displayed as YYYY-MM-DD. 

How can I change the display in DD-MM-YYYY in Datasphere?
The field voucher_date is already recognized as date field but the correct format does not work. 

The default date formatting in SAC is already configured in DD-MM-YYYY.



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Hello @tilted ,

Two things to perform:

1) You can change the data display settings in your user accounts, set this to dd-MM-YYYY. To change this >> User >> Settings >> Language & Region >> Date Formatting - change here

2) Create a calculated column Date1 with datatype string in the desired format e.g: TO_VARCHAR(DELIVERYDATE,'DD-MM-YYYY')

3) Create another calculated column Date2 with datatype Date, use the function CAST to convert back to date. e.g: CAST(Date1 AS DATE) - this time apply the conversion on the first calculated column.  

This helps to preseve the datatype format without a need for the text association.

Happy modeling, Cheers, Mahesh

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Hi rrajmahesh09.

Might be that your solution works as well (have not tested it), but my solution comes with the advantage that you keep the time hierarchy Year-Month-Day on the Date field, if you associated this. 


And you have only the one Date field in your model, you need.

One major disadvantage remains... in an input variable for the date, you still have to enter the internal format: YYYY-MM-DD

BR, Martin

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Hello MKreitlein,

i also use the date sap-time hierachy like you and associate the date field with the day dimension.
But i don't get the full date in the descriptions (01.01.2023) just the day (1).
What should be adjusted in the analytical model?