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Date Range

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Hi All,

I have a report against a view and i have a date time field called trans date.

Now i need to run this report for from date and to time.

Here from date is trans date and to date should be current date-1 for trans date

and now when i run the report it should run for that dates without asking any parameter

Please suggest how to do.

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Hi Sastri and Naga

Sorry I gave wrong information.

Actually I have a query for date id which is coming from time table like this.


And i have trans date which is coming from a view.

Now i need to link the date id with trans date field coming from view and i have to create the parameter like from date and to date.

I need to display the data for below dates like this.

28.12.12 to Previous Day.            (Requirement)

Here 28.12.12 is calender date which is coming from the above query

Now i need to create the parameter like this.

Parameter between Date and Previous Day

Please suggest how to create and it should not ask the parameter to enter .It should run without asking any parameter.

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Try this:

1) In the Main Report connect to the Time Table

2) Create a formua with the code below:

Currentdate - 1

3) Insert a Subreport pointing to the Trans Date View

4) Create From and To prompt in this Subreport and add a Record Selection formula in the Subreport with the code:

{Trans_date} IN {?From_Date} TO {?To_Date}

Make sure the datatype of these prompts is same as the datatype of the DateID field in the Main Report

5) Go back to the Main report > right-click the Subreport > Select Change Subreport Links > Move the DateID field to the pane on the right > At the bottom left where it says 'Subreport parameter field to use', choose the ?FromDate

6) Do the same for the ToDate prompt by moving the formula field to the pane on the right


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From date is transdate and todate is currentdate-1, so, you are comparing from date(transdate) with transdate.  there should be some kind like from date should be beginning of this month or and to date could be off currentdate -1

As per your description, there will not be any from date and it will be like

{Transdate} = Currentdatetime -1



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Hi Divya,

As per my understanding you would like to display the parameter and get the data between the range, for that you need to create a date type parameter in the report  and create the below formula in the Report menu of 'report selection'

Date param >= transdate and Date param <= (Currentdate -1)

Hope the information will help you. if me understanding is incorrect please explain your requirement briefly..