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Date Conversion

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Appointment Dates in our DB are saved as Numbers and I'm using Crystal XI to convert them to date format in a formula @Appt date.


Function (numberVar v2)

local stringvar str;


local stringvar dd:=right(str,2);

local stringvar mm:=mid(str,5,2);

local stringvar yy:=left(str,4);


When I use this formula in the report the format is as Month/Day/Year. There is another formula which compares the @apptdate to see if they fall in a specific time period (eg Last month) for which the formula is

{@Appt Date} >= dateserial(year(currentdate),month(currentdate)-1,1) and

{@Appt Date} <= dateserial(year(currentdate),month(currentdate),1)-1

Could someone tell me how this is calculating since the @Apptdate format is Month/Day/Year whereas the Dateserial is Year, Month.

Any help is greatly appreciated.


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I found th eanswer.