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Date based queries on OWLs

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There are many examples of date based queries on OWLs. For example 'Accounts Created Within Last 31 Days.'

How do I create such a query on my OWL?

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Answers (2)

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Hi Judson,

nice to have you in the ByDesign Studio community, hope to read a blog about on SCN next time

Your question...sorry but currently I see no way to create such a query. The standard querys from SAP are created with ControllerObjects who don't be available to partners. You only could create a "" query.

If you want to know what I mean with Controller Objects, take a look at the following path "SAP_BYD_APPLICATION_UI/crm//acm/accountowl" (with Configuration Explorer in UI-Designer).Open it and go to Controller tab -> Queries -> first queryh has such a parameter but the it is bound to a Controller and not directly to the business object customer.

Same for products and services (.../mdm/pmm/*OWL)

Best regards,


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What Judson is asking here is:

How to define relative date selection criteria (such as last 31 days) in a query?