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Datatype 'Date' not fully supported?

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during my work I encountered a Date-Issue. I want to simply request data from the HANA and pushes it into a DateTime-Input-Field. The Data is requested by a Stored Procedure and the Result-Scheme is set properly (I receive the data without any Problems).


type returnDate {

   ID : Integer;

   Date : hana.DATE;



<DateTimeInput dateValue="{myModel>/Date}" enabled="true" id="Date_id" name="Date"/>

It seems, that hana.DATE (also Datetime, Date or hana.Datetime) is not supported. -->

[12:17:59] Error while activating /development/projects/data/Types.hdbdd:
[] Sub artifact "DATE" not found in "sap.cds.hana"

If I switch to

  • Timestamp
  • UTCTimestamp
  • LocalDate

I get the following Error:

sap-ui-core.js:152 Uncaught Error: Type Error: Expected JavaScript Date Object for property dateValue of Element sap.m.DateTimeInput#__xmlview0--Date_id

If I change the Value to an oData-Type like:

<DateTimeInput dateValue="{path: 'myModel>/Date', type: 'sap.ui.model.odata.type.DateTime', constraints: {displayFormat: 'Date', nullable: false}}" enabled="true" id="Date_id" name="Date"/>

The Input Field is still empty, but without any Error-Message.

Please help me

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hana.DATE is not valid CDS data type (check the list in document, chapter 2.4.2).

How you provide your data? Do you use an XSJS service, do you use an OData service? If you use an XSJS service, who your logic looks like?