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Datastore configuration used by jobs

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Is there anyway to idenfify the number of jobs which are using a particular datastore or system configuration?

Actually the problem is that there is one user for which we dont have the password and if we reset the pasword then it may create issue for other jobs which are using this user.

How can we identify the jobs which are using that user/system configuration.

If that is used by one job only then we can reset it.

Please confirm.


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Answers (2)

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Hi Akhilesh,

We have the option "View where used" at table level, not at data store level. If the password is changed in the back end you can simply edit data store configuration and update the password. That should not have any impact on any no.of jobs using objects in it.

If you still want to check the usage of the objects in that data store, you will have to manually navigate through all the tables and check view where used.

Hope this answers your query.

Thanks and regards

Abdul Majeed Mohammed

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You cannot do that. Because the configuration selection is only done at run-time only.

Good practice is to keep your datastore definitions in a separate .atl file and have it distributed to all parties involved when one of the access credentials changes.