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Datastage 8.1 as ETL for SAP BW 7.5

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Hello guys,

we are upgrading our BW 7.3 to the release 7.5.

To load some data from external database non-SAP we are using IBM Datastage version 8.1.

We are now in the test phase and we found some problems with Datastage.

The connection is ok, the gatwey is registered and I'm able to syncronize the definition of Infosource from BW to Datastage at design time.

Executing the Infopackage from BW calling in PULL a Datastage job, the job starts but doesn't deliver the data to BW infopackage. The job remains "running" in a particular step.

Any experience on this issue?


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probably the Ds job user id is locked

you should log on in the ds engine directory and unlock the userid of your job

hope it helps