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Datasources emulated in 3.x instead of version 7

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Hello Experts,

We have a landscape with 2 Bw systems connected to the same ECC/SRM

systems in different client.

BT4 --> ECC client 310 (ET4CLNT310)

BT5 --> ECC client 320 (ET4CLNT320)

Those 2 systems have been built by a system copy, with exactly the same


For the system BT4 (first system installed), there is no problem,

datasources are replicated as RSDS.

Today we have done some transport into BT5 and there was an error

"Source RSDS 0PU_IS_PS_32 ET4CLNT320 does not exist"

in the source system ET4CLNT320 the datasource is activated (as in

ET4CLNT310 because, it is shared)

but when looking in RSA1 in BT5, 0PU_IS_PS_32 is not declared as the same

as BT4, it is displayed

"Display Emulated 3.x Datasource..."

Active version Does not exist Emulated

So i decided to delete and re-create the source system ET4CLNT320 from

BT5, choosing the option create Datasource as RSDS, and the issue is still

the same.

if i go into tx RSDS, there is no RSDS active for BT5 (only modified),

while 125 DS are declared in BT4.

What can I do to have the same behaviour as BT4?

Many thanks.


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Answers (1)

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Use Transaction BDLS to change source system names after system copy.

Following notes gives you more detail on system copy activities 886102.

Check it out and let us know on the same.