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Datasource with different intials views in Lumira Designer 2,2

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Dear All,

I have create a dashboard using Lumira Designer 2.2 where I am having 10 charts that are displayed all together at once.

All the charts are based on a single Calculation View from HANA but at the front end the charts displays different dimensions and measures.

This dashboard was working fine and we are able to view the fully loaded dashboard with in 10-15 second till this Monday but all of sudden now it is taking around 10+ min just to load the dashboard and the CPU usage is going in the range of 90-99%

When I raised this issue with my HANA and BASIS administrators, they are coming back to me and saying use a single data source for all your charts and what I have done is a bad design practice.

If possible can the community here help me with any document where I can prove them that 10 different data sources are a necessity for 10 different chart having different dimensions and measures.

Any help is highly regarded.

Best Regards,

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Answers (2)

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Check attached link.

section Use a Single Data Source for Multiple Charts

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Hi - you can look at the SAP Support wiki for Lumira Designer performance: - you can do some profiling, tracing, etc. It doesn't mention the same data source. Can you check the profiling and troubleshooting steps listed on the wiki?