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Datasource for Delivery Document

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Dear All.

There are two data sources 2LIS_11_V_SSL (Sales Document : Order Delivery) and the other is 2LIS_12_VCITM (Delivery Item Data).

Both data sources are providing information related to the delivery 2LIS_11_V_SSL contain the fields Sales Document, Sales Item, Delivery and Delivery number which is enough for generating information related to deliveries, then what is the benefit or use of 2LIS_12_VCITM.

Can you please guide that for making DSO for deliveries which data source to be use.

Please explain little more about the boths

Kind regards,

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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Zeeshan:

The selection of the DataSource depends on the business requirements (the type of Analysis they need to perform).


u2022 Plan/Actual Comparison of Sales Quantities (B94)

u2022 Delivery Service Analysis (B33)

u2022 Booking Billing Backlog Analysis (I34)


u2022 Sales Analysis (SAA)

For detailed information please take a look at SAP Best Practices (Scenario Documentation and Building Blocks)

Open this URL:

Click "Preconfigured Scenarios" link

Click on the Links to navigate on the different available scenarios and to see the documents you can download (Technical Documentation > Configuration Guide)

*Customer Relationship Management

-- Sales Analysis

-- Cross-Functional Analysis: Financial and Sales Data

-- Booking Billing Backlog Analysis

-- Sales Planning

-- Scheduling Agreements Analysis

-- CRM Analytics


Francisco Milán.

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Thank you Francisco for the information but i already know about the best practices and used data source but my question wast that what is the benefit of using 2LIS_12_VCITM over 2LIS_11_V_SSL for knowing the deliever quanitty.

The only diffrence which come to my mind is that we did not get Material and Customer information in 2LIS_11_V_SSL so we cannot report in detail for delivery senario please correct me if i am wrong.


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