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datasource enhancements

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hi everybody,

While doing enhancements for the datasource 2LIS_11_VAHDR i found an error "<b>the</b> <b>datasource 2LIS_11_VAHDR does not allow append structure</b>".

so,could u plz help me in this regard.



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Answers (5)

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Data Source Enhancement:

Enhancement field starts with "ZZ"

Go to SE11

Give the Structure name(Communication Structure)

Then click on Append structure

Give the name of Append

Now add the enhanced fields,which starts with"ZZ" and activate the Structure.

Now these fields will be available in Comm.Structure of that data source.

Go to LBWE move the enhanced fields from Comm.Structure to Extract Structure.

Go to CMOD give project name and click on create.

Select Enhancement Assignment option then

Click on change button

Now give the customer function call.

Then click on Components

It will display Four function Exits.

It will display Function builder

Then double click on Include

It will display ABAP Editor

Then click on Change button

Write your code before WHEN<Datasource name>link

Then Activate it.

Hope it will helps you...........

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Here is the process

1. Go to RSA6 find your DS

2. Go to Enhance structure

3. It will ask you to name of append structure which is already suggested by system also.

4. Add the fields in structure

5. Save and exit

6. Add this structure in your main extract do this go to SE11 and append there..

7. After adding populate those added fields in have option of function enhancement in RSA6

8. Do coding activate and than replicate Data source


Tripple k

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thanx for valuable suggestion..i'll check it out and let u know by tomorow..



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my Problem is solved

Thanx for ur valuable answers


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thanx for ur suggestions.i'll check it out and i'll let u know by tomorow....



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Go to RSA6 and find the datasource

double click on the datasource

then you will see the fields, don't append the field on the datasource but double click on the extract structure

then append the field on the extract structure.



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It is because u dont have enough authorizations to the append structure,

Also check authorization by executing SU53

Give a trail

Select ur DS and dbl clck on it and double click extract structure --> Clk on Append Struc


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Go to RSA6 and select u r data source and go to display mode of the data source or double click it. then it opens a data source definition window double click on the extract structure name of the data source and select append structure.