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Datasource Connection for Lumira Designer

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Hi Team,

We Can be able to connect Lumira designer in data source in local document.

But We Couldn’t able connect data source through BI Platform Document.

Kindly suggest how resolve the problem.

Thanks in Advance

but In BI Platform

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Answers (2)

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In Lumira Designer, only OLAP Connections with provider type "HANA http" and "SAP BW" can be seen and used. No other OLAP connection types are supported.

Universes are selectable, if they fulfill the universe specific prerequisites.

If your connections fulfill the above conditions and the selection screen is still empty, what's the authentication method of the missing ones?

What's the authentication method of the ones you were able to display in "Local Document"?

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Some authentication methods in the OLAP connection aren´t supported. SSO authentication works fine as Prompt (and I think also the predefined option) aren´t supported and that´s why they don´t show up.

Check again and change your authentication method within the OLAP connection.