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Data wrangling, Dynamic drilldown option in S/4 Hana live data connection with CDS



We have created a live data connection with a CDS view at backend. We are seeing a significant difference between the modeler when importing data vs live data connection.

When we are importing an excel data, below modeler screen comes. which has multiple options for data wrangling.

I have below questions related to this:

  • When we are getting data through live data connection with CDS at backend, we are not getting above screen as modeler. In live data connection modeler has very few option for data wrangling. Is this possible to get same option as data import in live data connection?
  • When we are trying to create a drill down report through live data connection with CDS at backend, we are not seeing any dynamic hierarchy creation option as it is available in above screenshot. Creating a hierarchy at CDS level and then using those in SAC model does not give enough flexibility to generate a story immediately. So we are trying to check the possibility to have above data wrangling option in live data connection with CDS.
  • Also is there a way to trigger an email notification depending on some condition from SAC.

It will be very helpful if we get some help on above points.



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Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

Hello Kuntal,

live connection and data import are two very different concepts:

  • the live connection does not allow any data wrangling and is best practice if you simply want to consume data from S/4HANA, BW or HANA. Any wrangling would have to be done in the source, also the definition of hierarchies, ...
    The big advantage here is that you do not have to replicate data and get to reuse authorizations of the source system, ... .
    You can combine data from S/4HANA with imported data using the blending options in the stories.
  • The data import allows you to wrangle the data and e. g. solve any data quality issues or add missing content to data.
  • This trigger can be achieved using data change insights, however at this time only in analytical applications. See for more info.

Best regards,

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Hello Jens,

Thank you for your reply. Considering the same, we will not able to wrangle the data when using a Live data connection. Rather we should do it at backend and then expose the same.

Also I am assuming then the dynamic hierarchy creation with live data model will not be possible.

For the email triggering thanks for the link, this is more of a subscription, so if there is any change then it will be triggered. But my requirement is email should trigger once the value crosses the threshold. Please let me know if this will be possible.



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