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Data upload to custom table using excel in RAP

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Hello All,

We have a requirement to upload data to custom table via excel using RAP framework.

Till now we are using the ODATA create stream method to achieve this functionality

Post upgrade, we see that we have an option to upload excel using the RAP framework, so I would like to try to use it for uploading data from the attachment to custom table.

Following are the things that I'm worried about:

1. With the strict and ABAP on cloud guidelines we aren't supposed perform DB operations on the database tables, in that case is this approach correct?

2. Also each time we try to upload the data via Excel that Excel file will be saved to the DB in a table, what if huge files are uploaded and it consumes too much space!!

3. This needs to be performed for close to 10 tables, is there any performance impact, if we have huge data?

Thanks & Regards,


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One more issue I see is, I can't use early numbering when I try to upload data from excel!!

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What do you consider "huge"?

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Right now we are expecting volumes in around 10k records, but we had one case in production where users somehow created a weird file which has no entries but CREATE_STREAM has considered that the uploaded excel has close to 1 million records and it went into dumps.

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Weird to have 1 million lines (it's also the maximum of Excel). Before investigating on solutions, I would investigate first on why they upload so many rows.

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I don't think there would be much impact. The question is how you are going to upload the excel data to the database tables through RAP alone. Check this out - Upload Excel using SAP RAP Only - SAP Community.
You can create multiple child line item facets for the database tables you want to upload data for.