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data updating problem??

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I am working a certain infocube in the query designer and the Analyzer, the problem is that though we have October, the results I take are up to July 2008.

Where should I look for the problem?

What should I do to update the data and take results up to date?

Any ideas??

Thank you in advance

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Answers (2)

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i went to transaction rsa1, then to administration and untill 15 of August I get green button (correct) from that dsate and on all dates have got red button (errors) the errors are:

Delta request REQU_D3XSD80BKZDTGFW1OL24Y4QO6 is incorrect in the monitor

A repeat needs to be requested

Data target 0SD_C03 still includes delta request REQU_D3XSD80BKZDTGFW1OL24Y4QO6

If the repeat is now loaded, then after the load

there could be duplicate data in the data targets

Request the repeat?

hope it helps

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if I run transaction RSPC thel hit LOGS

I get the errors I mentioned in previous reply. probably there is something wrong with the scheduled data upload?

What steps should I take...?

I would prefer to erase all data and reload them from 1/1/08 till now. Is this possible?how?

Thank u

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Hi Theodoros Vourvachis,

1. Check any filters or default restrictions in query.

2. Check all requests in cube available for reporting or not..?

Hope it Helps