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Data type in extract structure changed

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Hi All,

In one of the datasources client has chamged data type of one field

from DEC 10 to CHAR 14.In BW it is assigned to a keyfigure ( DEC )

Is it ok If I just replicate aand activate transfer rules without changing

type of key figure.Is this fine that a key figure ( DEC ) is assigned to CHAR 14 field.

There is no change in the incoming data.It is going to be numbers only.Maximum value

can be 1000000.

Let me know your Thoughts on this.


Prasanna N.

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Answers (2)

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Its better to change same as ECC system.

I have some doubts like this in my mind.

1.Because later it may be problem while creating the report.

2.If any decimal places come how character will handle that.



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Hi ,

I dont think there would be a problem, if you are absolutely sure that as a rule only numbers will be extracted at all times.

But if you have doubts, then i suggest you change the info object and get th values into a characteristic.



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In the datasource it's better to give the Data Type & Length of each and every Number Fields (INT2, INT2, FLOAT, etc).


Jayaram M