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data transfer transform with Oracle

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I am using a data transfer transform within a simple data flow.

Source --> Query --> data transfer --> two queries --> two target tables.

The transfer type is set to Table. The table is being created in a oracle 9i datastore. I have the drop and re-create before loading box checked. I execute my simple job and everything runs fine. When I go to my database to look at the contents of the table created within the data transfer transform, I cannot find the table (have USER with select any table privs).

Where does the table go? Is it immediately dropped after it is used? If so, is there a way to override this? Having the table/contents hang around until the next time I run the job, is extremely helpful with debugging.


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Update on this:

I created a temp table manually in the database first. Temp table created has same name as specified in data transfer transform.

I unchecked the "Drop and re-create before loading" box.

I then added a TRUNCATE Pre-load command to empty the temp table before loading

This method works fine.

The Drop and re-create before loading option, seems to work differently with data transfer transform, when compared to template tables. This is less than intuitive. Its more like "drop, re-create and drop". Also, I could not find any details about this in the tech manual. To be fair, I am using version, maybe this has been updated in a more recent release.