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Data Transfer Process (DTP) for Hierarchies

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Hello all,

currently, we are evaluating an ETL Process Migration from BW 3.1 to the BW 7.0's new features.

1. Trying to create a Transformation for Hierarchies (for which InfoObjekt seems to be irrelevant) evokes Errors:

<i>Initial error occurred during generation of the transformation Message no. RSTRAN667 </i>

2. Trying to create a DataTransferProcess also brings up issues:

- "Hierarchy" is not offered within the "Subtype of Object" Pulldown list in the "Creation of Data Transfer Process"...

- In the Context Menu for the Hierarchy Info Source, "Create Data Transfer Process" is not even offered...


- Is this a "bug or a feature"...?

- Generally, can Hierarchies not be part of DTPs?

- If not, how else?

- Or do I first have to migrate the corresponding Data Source?

Thank you very much even in advance,


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Hello Robert,

there is no new data flow yet for hierachies. So use the 3.x. Data flow for them.

But nethertheless there is still a problem with RSTRAN667. I get this error migrating master data transfer rules.

Do you have any idea about a solution?

Thanks, Jens