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Data sync from SAP Commissions (HANA Ondemand) to Customer Oracle DB (on-premise) using SDI

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Morning all ,

Note: I am newbie to SDI tool, so please excuse if my question looks very basic.

We have a requirement to sync data from SAP Commissions (HANA Ondemand) to customer local database (Oracle), and believe that SDI is a good option but have an open question.

Customer have various in-house built mobile applications based on Oracle database (on-premise), and we need to feed in the SAP Commissions results data for these apps.

Can we transfer data from HANA (source) to On-premise Oracle (Target) using SDI?

What Adapter best suits to our requirement? Any standard adapter works or do we need custom adapters?

DP Agent installation, configuration, and testing is completed for File Adapter., to make sure SDI working.

Now, we are looking out for help on the above requirement.

Thank you in advance.


Ramesh Gollamandala

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