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Data Source for table MVER

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Hi Experts ,

Could you please tell me that table MVER ( Material Consumption ) is used in which data source.


Uday Shankar.

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I think you will have to go for generic datasource with table/view on MVER

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Hi Uday

There is no specific standard datasource on this table.

Please try look into the below datasources against MVER table fieds.

If you found all fields from these datasources, we can utilize it. But none of datasource is getting

data from MVER.

2LIS_03_S195, 2LIS_04_PEARBPL, 2LIS_03_S196, 2LIS_04_P_ARBPL

Or lese you have to create a view on MVER and extract the data that you want.

Hope this information helps u.