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Data Source enhancement with ABAP....Explain

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Can any one please explain me what this code is performing

(Convert this machine language into human language in detail please)

This code is used in CMOD for enchancement of Transaction Data Source

Data: i_t_data like ZOXWRD0054.

case i_datasource.

when ' Z_TRM_LMS'.

Loop at c_t_data into i_t_data.

Select single bonus_cat perfinc active from ztrm_labdlycat into

(i_t_data-zzbonus, i_t_data-zzperf, i_t_data-zzactive)

Where locat = i_t_data-locat and

exrsn = i_t_data-exrsn and

apobj = i_t_data-apobj.

Modify c_t_data from i_t_data.



Thanks in advance

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for each record of your data-package it reads the z-table ztrm_labdlycat

to grab the fields bonus_cat, perfinc and active and stores them direcly in the data-package fields zzbonus, zzperf and zzactive.

Then it modifies the data-package to store the new values in the internal table i_t_data.

The condition for reading the z-table is:

locat = i_t_data-locat,

exrsn = i_t_data-exrsn and

apobj = i_t_data-apobj

hope that helps!